What's new on Staticaly this October?


Image source: Pexels

  • We currently have 3 origin servers (1 in US, 2 in Indonesia), plus 1 from EvenNode, 1 from opeNode, in total we have 5 origin servers.
  • CDN77 continues to sponsor us.
  • Now Imgpx support image resizing with the query parameter ?w = and ?h=, % is support. Example: https://cdn.staticaly.com/img/i.imgur.com/3QrPToe.jpg?w=400&h=266
  • Imgpx compress image to WebP automatically. (I really loved this feature)
  • CloudKilat, one of the largest cloud server providers in Indonesia joining us.
  • Sponsorhip is welcome!

We have lots of new stuff planned for the future. Follow us here and our Twitter account @staticalyhq to receive the latest updates from Staticaly. And you can always contribute Staticaly with the code, hosting, CDN, design, or other things we need, don’t hesitate to contact us.